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Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification
Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification


Validate your expertise and get the leverage you need to move up in your career. With ISACA’s Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification, you can do just that. CISA is world-renowned as the standard of achievement for those who audit, control, monitor and assess an organization’s information technology and business systems.   



1. The Process of Auditing Information Systems


1.      Management of  the IS Audit Function

2.      ISACA IT Audi and Assurance Standards and Guidelines

3.      Risk Analysis

4.      Internal Controls

5.      Performing an IS Audit

6.      Control Self-Assessment

7.      The Evolving IS Audit Process



2. Governance and Management of IT


1.      Corporate Governance

2.      IT Governance (ITG)

3.      Information Technology Monitoring and Assurance Practices for Board and Senior Management

4.      Information Systems Strategy

5.      Maturity and Process Improvement Models

6.      IT Investment and Allocation Practices

7.      Policies and Procedures

8.      Risk Management

9.      IS management Practices (and 5 sub-areas under this as well)

10.  IS Organizational Structure and Responsibilities

11.  Auditing IT Governance Structure and Implementation

12.  Business Continuity Planning

13.  Auditing Business Continuity



3. IS Acquisition, Development, and Implementation


1.      Business Realization

2.      Project Management Structure

3.      Project Management Practices

4.      Business Application Development

5.      Business Application Systems

6.      Alternative Forms of Software Project Organization

7.      Alternative Development Methods

8.      Infrastructure Development/ Acquisition Practices

9.      Information Systems Maintenance Practices

10.  System Development Tools and Productivity Aids

11.  Process Improvement Practices

12.  Application Controls

13.  Auditing Application Controls

14.  Auditing Systems Development, Acquisition and Maintenance



4. IS Operations, Maintenance, and Support


1.      Information Systems Operations

2.      Information Systems Hardware

3.      IS Architecture and Software

4.      IS Network Infrastructure

5.      Auditing Infrastructure and Operations

6.      Disaster Recovery Planning



5. Protection of Information Assets


1.      Importance of Information Security Management

2.      Logical Access

3.      Network Infrastructure Security

4.      Auditing Information Security Management Framework

5.      Auditing Network Infrastructure Security

6.      Environmental Exposures and Controls

7.      Physical Access Exposures and Controls

8.      Mobile Computing



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Ph.D. in Computer Application
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