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Software QA Tester
Software QA Test

1.An example test series
The first cycle of testing
The second cycle of testing
What will happen in later cycles of testing

2.The objectives and limits of testing
You can
t test a program completely
The tester
s objective : Program verification?
So, why test

3.Test types and their place in the software development process
Overview of the software development stages
Planning stages
Testing during the planning stages
Design stages
Testing during the design stages
Glass box code testing is part of the coding stage
Regression testing
Black box testing
Maintenance errors
What is a software error
Categories of software errors

5.Reporting and analyzing bugs
Write problem reports immediately
Content of the problem report
Characteristics of the problem report
Analysis of a reproducible bug
Tactics for analyzing a reproducible bug
Making a bug reproducible

6.The problem tracking system
The prime objective of a problem tracking system
The tasks of the system
Problem tracking overview
The users of the tracking system
Mechanics of the database
Further thoughts on problem reporting

7.Test case design
Characteristics of a good test
Equivalence classes and boundary values
Visible state transitions
Race conditions and other time dependencies
Load testing
Error guessing
Function equivalence testing : automation, sensitivity analysis & random input
Regression testing : checking whether a bug fix worked
Regression testing : the standard battery of tests
Executing the tests

8. Localization testing
Was the base code changed
Work with someone fluent in the language
Is the text independent from the code
Translated text expands
Character sets
Text filters
Loading , saving , importing, and exporting high and low ASCII
Operating system language
Hot keys
Garbled in translation
Error message identifiers
Hyphenation rules
Spelling rules
Sorting rules
Uppercase and lowercase conversion
Underscoring rules
Sizes of paper
s and video
Data formats and setup options
Rulers and measurements
Culture-bound graphics
European product compatibility
Memory availability
Automated testing

9. Testing user manuals
Effective documentation
The documentation contributions to software reliability
Become the technical editor
Working with the manual through its development stages
Online help

10. Testing tools
Fundamental tools
Automated acceptance and regression tests
box testing

11. Testing planning and test documentation
The overall objective of the test plan: product or tool?
Detail objectives of test planning and documentation
What types of tests to cover in test planning documents
A strategy for developing components of test planning documents
Components of test planning documents
Documenting test materials
A closing thought
The Trainers
Trainer Name
The Achievement

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