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QuickBooks Course Outline

IPersonal/Service Type Business

A. Assets, Liabilities, and Owner's Equity
B. Business Transactions and Changes in the Fundamental Bookkeeping Equation
C. The Balance Sheet
D. The Ledger
E. Owner's Equity Accounts
F. Two-Column General Journal
G. Posting the General Journal
H. Trial Balance and Worksheet
I. Financing Statements
J. Closing the Ledger
K. Cash Systems, Checking Accounts
L. The Petty Cash Fund

Merchandizing Business

M. Purchase of Merchandise
N. Cash Disbursements Journal
O. Sales of Merchandise
P. Cash Receipts Journal
Q. General Journal - Four Column Format
R. Eight-Column Worksheet
S. Financial Statements
T. Adjusting and Closing the General Ledger
U. Using a Combination Journal


A. The First Time in Quickbooks
B. Setting Up Accounting
C. Entering Historical Data
D. Managing Accounts and Lists
E. Invoices and Sales Tax
F. Paying Bills
G. Managing Assets and Reports
H. Paying Employees
I. Managing Taxes

The Trainers
The Acchievement

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