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RF Wireless Technology


This course provides circuit-level designers with the essential concepts needed to work effectively with radio frequency electronics. Participants gain analytical, graphical, and computer-aided techniques to analyze and optimize RF circuits in practical situations. The course addresses linear active circuit design, focusing on stability, bandwidth, and noise considerations.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing the course, the participant will be able to:
Describe RF circuit parameters and terminology.
State the effects of parasitics on circuit performance at RF.
Use graphical design techniques and the Smith Chart.
Match impedances and perform transformations.
Predict RF circuit stability and stabilize circuits.
Design small signal and low noise RF amplifiers.

Target Audience:

The course is designed for practicing engineers who are involved with the production, test, and development of RF/Wireless components, circuits, sub-systems, and systems, in the 100-4000 MHz frequency range. It is equally useful to new engineers and to those who may have practical experience but have not had opportunity of getting a thorough foundation of modern, computer-oriented RF circuit techniques.
Engineering degree or at least three years applicable practical experience is recommended.

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