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SAS Fundamentals course


OBJECTIVES: This course is designed for new SAS users to develop skills as a SAS programmer / data analyst position.

TOPICS: This course will cover SAS fundamental concepts and rules, importing external files, accessing data, creating data structures, exporting data to Excel, etc., SAS expressions and functions, managing data, data cleaning techniques, preparing a SAS dataset for statistical analysis, etc..

GOAL: Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to independently write and debug SAS programs, successfully pass SAS Base Programming certification exam, and carry out primary data analysis in real world projects.

1. Introduction to SAS components and concepts

Overview of the SAS System
What can SAS do?
SAS Display Manager System
Basic structure of SAS
Preliminary concepts and rules
SAS Data libraries reference and SAS resources
Hands-on dataset(s)

2. Accessing Data and Creating Data Structures

Reading raw data files using INFILE and INPUT statement
Reading external file
Assigning and change variable attributes
Import database table or data file into SAS dataset
Labeling variables
Reading existing SAS dataset
Restricting observations while reading data
Creating temporary and permanent SAS data sets
Exporting data to different files
Displaying contents of dataset
Restricting observations and variables in a SAS data set processed

3. SAS Expression and Functions

SAS operators
SAS expression
Conditional expression (WHERE and IF)
SAS functions: mathematical and statistical
Numeric functions & character functions
Date functions

4. Managing Data

Conditionally IF-THN-ELSE execute SAS statements
Sort observations in a SAS data set
PROC FORMAT statement
Process data using SAS DO-LOOPS
Process data usin

The Trainers
Ms. Jun Guan
Senior Data Analyst
Senior Biostatistian
Master Degree in Statistics, U of T

Ms. Joan Lin
Ph.D. in Computer Application
Senior Scientisit
Senior Statistian
The Achievements

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The Resources
SAS provides "SAS Learning Edition" at low cost. Please visit SAS Learning Edition
An Introduction to SAS Certifications

SAS Solutions for Banking

SAS and Health Industry

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