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VB.NET Programming Course Outline

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Basic .NET Concepts
  • Exploring the Development Environment
  • Creating a Visual Basic .NET Project

Module 2: Working with Forms and Controls

  • Understanding Programming Concepts
  • Working with Windows Forms
  • Working with Controls
  • Styling Your Code

Module 3: Using Variables and Arrays

  • Introduction to Data Types
  • Using Variables
  • Variable Scope
  • Converting Data Types
  • Creating and Using Structures
  • Storing Data in Arrays

Module 4: Working with Procedures

  • Creating Procedures
  • Using Procedures
  • Using Predefined Functions

Module 5: Decision Structures and Loops

  • Using Conditional Expressions
  • Using Decision Structures
  • Using Conditional Loop Structures

Module 6: Validating User Input

  • Restricting User Input
  • Validating Field Data
  • Validating Form Data

Module 7: Object-Oriented Programming in Visual Basic .NET

  • Understanding Classes
  • Working with Classes
  • Using Shared Members
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Namespaces

Module 8: Handling Errors and Exceptions

  • Types of Errors
  • Using the Debugger
  • Handling Exceptions

Module 9: Web Forms and XML Web Services

  • Working with Web Forms
  • Using XML Web Services

Module 10: Using ADO.NET

  • Database Concepts
  • Overview of ADO.NET
  • Working with Data

Module 11: Deploying Applications

  • Introduction to Deployment
  • Deploying a Windows-based Application
The Trainers

Jeo Yang

Senior Developer

The Acchievement

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